Not sure how this one slipped past me but as of May 15th users at the domain have had their email addresses changed to the domain.

This type of change has happened several times in the past with domains like, and a number of RoadRunner/Comcast domains changing, however this time there seems to be a unique situation to the switchover that was not present in the prior domain changes. Email alias’ are staying the same… an excerpt from the announcement to customers:

To help you through this transition, Windstream has created a new address that is ready for use today. Your new address will be the same as your existing address, except that we’ve simply replaced with For example, now has a new address of As a further benefit, messages sent to your current address will also be copied to your new address until May 15.

This type of change over doesn’t happen often, but is possible if the new domain is one with no other users.

However this doesn’t mean that everyone kept the same old alias so if you decided to simply replace the domain names I caution you to be very careful and to send an opt-in verification email after you modify the addresses to ensure the recipient:

A) is the correct person from the prior domain and,
B) can confirm that they still want to receive your email. Many people will use this type of change to rid themselves of an accumulation of spam from their old email address.

I’m hearing reports that the addresses are still working – for now – if you hurry you can send an update your information email to your subscribers and get their new addresses. No information on when the bounces will begin but it could be any time – I will update when I see this start to happen.