Q: We are currently setting up some new Feedback Loops (FBLs) with several ISPs and I’m looking for a best practice recommendation regarding our set-up within these systems.

Suppose I send mail from two different domains ( and, I give the ISP one email address for my FBL notifications to go to ( Does the ISP expect the notification email address to be on the same domain or IP as my mailing domains? What do you suggest?


Hi Steve,

The sending domains should not matter when configuring your FBLs as they are generally IP based systems and not domain based. These systems look at registered IPs or Netblocks (/24) and a preconfigured (usually supplied by the requesting party) reporting address. In fact many ESPs have setups similar to this; where mail is sent from but FBL data is set to, which is a global address configured to accept FBL data for the mail servers, IP addresses, used by their Email Marketing Platform.

Thanks for the question. Do you have a question for Email them to contact.