Yesterday I was logging into my flickr account from my new Laptop and I received a Security warning pop-up asking me to validate my access from a `New Computer` by one of two methods: SMS to my phone number on account, or by triggering a non Y! email account listed in my profile. This also happened here at the office, today when logging into my Y! mail account, so it seems to be officially supported here north of the border now. I say now because I accessed my account last week and did not receive the second sign-on notices but YVVM.

These are the first of the Second Sign-in notices I have received since the official announcement from Y! back on December 13th, 2011.

This triggered email contains a validation code that is required to proceed – no code no entrance into the account. This is a giant step forward in user security, one I would like to see other ISPs follow (Gmail already has this feature).

Is anyone else seeing these now or have you been receiving these notices for some time?

Subject:Your Yahoo! Login Verification Code
From: Yahoo! Account Services account-admin _at
To: me

Your requested Yahoo! login verification code is ##########.

If you did not make this request, please review your login activity and change password to protect your Yahoo! account: m_vxxxxxxx.

If you can’t click the “review your login activity” or “change password” link above, you can navigate to each destination by entering the following address into your browser:

* Review your login activity:
* Change password:


Yahoo! Account Services

Another nice feature within these verification emails is the direct link to your recent access history to see if your account has been accessed from a foreign location (This happened to one of my gmail accounts last year) and provides a method to change your password should your account be targeted by fraudsters.

These types of Second Sign-on features are a great strong step towards protecting users, their friends, families and contacts.