This evening Yahoo Inc announced, on the DMARC discussion lists, that as of March 28th that several of the DMARC records for their international domains will be switching to p=reject. This is in alignment with their current policy records for, which was changed in 2014.

When Yahoo originally made these changes it cause come issues for email marketers using their email address with their ESPs not being authorized to send email as This change will also cause issues for senders using the domains listed below as their main senders contact address. Also note that these changes will impact your email programs and any potential referral or forward to a friend programs your organization may be using. Once a p=reject policy is put in place many of these emails will not be delivered to their intended recipients.

Yahoo’s updated list of domains that will start publishing DMARC p=reject on March 28th, include:******* ***** * ***

There are still several yahoo domains that will remain on p=none policies for the time being (ex: as these will be addresses in future policy updates. I have also reached out to the Yahoo mail team to inquire if partner ISP domains (ex: will be affected in future policy updates.

If you have questions about these changes Yahoo has published this helpful FAQ on their support pages.

Please let me know if you have any questions about implementing DMARC for your domains.

*Update 2016/03/7 – Yahoo has updated the list of domains to be modified to a p=reject for DMARC. These are noted with an asterisk (*).