Shoppers Drug martESSOI happened across this joint mailing program today, somewhat by chance, between Shoppers Drug Mart and ESSO.

Shoppers is running an event where a consumer has an incentive to spend 75$ on goods in their stores and then become eligible for 20$ in free gas at ESSO. The Event notice arrived on Thursday from Shoppers – just in time to get me thinking about the weekend.

The double play comes in where ESSO sent a complimentary email to their list members now incenting them to travel to Shoppers and eligible for this same promotion. ESSO’s message arriving on a Friday afternoon makes me think about the upcoming plans (made on Thursday) and how I can save a few buck on Gas while I’m out…

Whether the days were luck or they were planned the net result is the key… Pickup some groceries, toiletries and some free gas (at $1/liter this seems tempting **) are likely in the near future for me.

The Results:

  • Twice to reach for both organizations
  • Added value to consumers for both organizations
  • Brand/Partner Harmonization
  • Double the impact and reach for this promotion and with the spaced timing of the two notifications

** 1 U.S. Gallon = 3.785 Liters