Day five… Lets start with a quick refresher on the Five R’s of email; Reputation, Recognition, Readability and Relationships have already been covered, but what happens when they are all put together and used efficiently… you get the final R – Relevance.

Why is it important to be relevant?

Sending relevant email is going to lead to increased delivery rates, higher comapign metrics and conversions and lower junk mail reports. This is shown in research conducted by JupiterResearch that states; “tactics that improve relevance (e.g., life cycle marketing, behavioural targeting, triggering) deliver substantially higher improvements in revenue and net profits than do broadcast mailings.”

In summary; By following the five R’s of email users will send relevant and targeted emails that are going engage your subscribers due to the fact that you have taken the time to build a trusting Relationship, send messages that are easily Recognized, and have taken the necessary steps to maintain a positive Reputation by sending messages that are easy to understand and Read.

I hope you have found this useful, leave me a comment on any of the topics you would like more detial on or have questions about.