Industry Canada has just announced the launch of a quick email security quiz for individuals and Businesses on the website.

There are two series of questions that you can review covering security when using public Wi-Fi hotspots, and the need for Anti-virus and Firewall solutions. If you are already familiar with these topics these quizzes will server as a quick and simple reminder, but if you have a non-technical person in your life (i.e. Parents or Grandparents) that are in need of a technology education this would be a great resource to share with them.

While you are on the FightSpam site take a few minutes to review the section on “Protect Your Business or Organization Online or While Mobile” for some great tips on staying safe.

Did you get all the questions right?

Still no news on CASL though – I’ve been told the target dates have slipped from April to May/June for the next round of Regulations… If the previous time lines are going to remain the same this will likely push enforcement into early 2013.