An surprise announcement earlier this week left a large gap in security tools for many businesses relying on Cyren’s services. February 1st, it was announced that nearly all staff at Cyren was impacted by the layoffs. Cyren’s serivces include solutions that protect more than a 1 billion users around the world from email-, malware-, and web-based cyber-attacks every day. Infrastructures that relies on Cyren’s services to protect users from malware, spam and phishing would be at risk when the services are disabled.

Multiple providers including the Spamhaus, Abusix and MailChannels have all announced immediate help for users of the Cyren solutions to provide free access to services while IT teams figure out their next steps.

Managing Director for the Spamhaus had this to say on linkedin: “we’d like to extend an offer we’ve already made to a couple of Cyren customers. Sign up for our free DQS service at and we’ll waive query limits for up to 3 months while you work out what’s right for you.”

While Abusix CEO says “We are here to help. If you are an existing customer of Cyren, feel free to reach out” along side a 60-day trial offer to migrate services while sorting out next steps.

MailChannels CEO also added to the cause by offering access to services to those impacted “To help Cyren customers, MailChannels is offering free access to the MailChannels content filter API

While it’s sad to see an organisation with a history like Cyren’s coming to an end, it is nice to see the industry rally to fill the hole and help to save some of the scramble for their customers.