Q: EmailKarma,

I’m helping some folks who are launching a alternative lifestyles website (not porn) and I wanted to let them know what they’re potentially up against regarding email delivery. Would the word “lesbian” trigger blocking or triggers with major ISPs?

A: Generally the use of individual keywords will not cause your message to be delivered to the junk folder or just end up missing, it really takes a number of these types of words to have an impact. Spamassassin doesn’t even have the word lesbian in their current SARE adult spam rules. Also working with an eRSP and an ESP will help get past some of these hurdles and achieve a higher level of delivery as these services will already be participating in ISP Whitelists and Feed Back loops.

The Keys to email delivery are rapidly becoming; Authentication, Reputation and Accreditation. Building and maintain a clean list will also be a big factor in a successful campaign.

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