Hello Email Karma,

Would you happen to have a link that specifically shows how to set up SPF2.0 records?

Thanks very much for your help.

Thanks for your question.

SPF 2.0 (aka. Sender ID) is probably better known as Sender ID, and the full details are available directly from Microsoft’s Sender ID Home Page. Microsoft also supplies a handy “Sender ID Framework SPF Record Wizard” tool for building your records correctly.

Regarding the setup of these records… Create a new TXT record in your DNS for the domain your setting up Sender ID for and add the results from the Wizard tool above. Your result should look something like this (depending on the network information of your email system):

email.example.com in TXT “a mx ip4: -all”

While I’m talking about Authentication, some other handy sites include;

Hope these tools and suggestions help you out.

Do you have another tool you use for testing or a better suggestion on setting these records up – let us know, by leaving a comment or email us at contact.