As I was writing a reply to the comment made by DJ on yesterday’s post I realized I had a whole posts worth of stuff to say so I moved the reply to here. DJ asked three key questions:

What are you thoughts on Yahoo! in general?

I love Y! I have been using the same account at for personal email for the last 10 (maybe more) years and with the latest spam filtering changes my daily spam load inbound has dropped to a handful each day (I might even go as low as a dozen a week). It’s great to see an ISP, the size of Y!, participate and interact with groups like the Email Standards Project to ensure that they are able to render the messages being sent into there users, if only others would participate and listen with this same interest.

Do you see this as a potential issue going forward? An anomaly?

Most ISPs go through times like these, where Technology is being updated/tweaked or all together replaced. Yahoo is a big company with a huge network, small mistakes or changes can have a much larger then expected effect on the general public with network like this.

Do you envision Yahoo! having deliverability issues on and off in the future?

Just like any feature role out there can be issues, I wouldn’t harp on Y! to much about this one as they worked quickly to fix the issue. When dealing with (potentially) thousands of mail servers no matter how fast you work to fix something its going to take time. Time to investigate, time to find a solution and time to implement that solution.