Q: Dear EmailKarma.net,

Right now I’m sending to Europe via send safe with a proxy service. I want to sent to the US via; msn, aol, yahoo.com and others. Is there any better software to send with than send safe? I’m trying to find software “light speed nexus”?

[Name Withheld]

A: Occasionally I receive questions I’d normally pass on and not answer but this one needs to be shared for the benefit of marketers everywhere.

The software your asking about is commonly used as a spam tool (or tools in this case), the whole idea of using “Proxies” to send email is just a awful idea. Many times they are blocked by ISPs before even getting mail out onto the Internet, think Spamhaus PBL. Blocking the commonly used mail port (Port 25) to prevent mail being sent by proxies is actually a highly recommended practise, drafted by members of MAAWG, to help ISPs prevent spam from originating from their networks. Many times these “Proxies” are actually created by virus infected PCs acting within a botnet.

I would recommend staying well away from both of these services, and other similar services, and finding a real Email Service Provider to work with. Supporting and using these types of tools only further supports the problems that legitimate marketers and services providers (both ISPs and ESPs) need to overcome everyday.