Mobilize mail, an ESP from New Zealand, has been discussing new laws that are starting in early September.

This posting provides a high level overview of the law and the touch points that will effect marketers sending to recipients located in NZ. This law is very similar to CAN-SPAM, but with an additional requirement for consent based (opt-in) mailing.

Key points for compliance that the act requires for compliance:

  • Commercial electronic message must not be sent unless the receiver has first consented to receiving the message
  • All commercial electronic messages must (unless agreed otherwise) include a “functional unsubscribe facility”
  • All commercial electronic messages must include information which clearly identifies the person who authorizes sending the message and how that person can be contacted
  • Address–harvesting software must not be used in connection with, or with the intention of, sending unsolicited commercial electronic messages.

Full context of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007