Yahoo’s new Webmail rolled out in a worldwide beta today and we jumped right in.

Yahoo Beta UI

Click for full size

New Features:

  • Improved add to address book functions (image)
  • A faster email experience – new and improved user interface
  • Cross platform look and feel – I’m just going to have to take Y! word on this, I’m not using Mobile Y! (anyone have feedback?)
  • There is more to life than just email?– recognizing people have other interests (GASP!!!) Yahoo is now integrating in social networks like Facebook and Twitter – right in your inbox
  • A picture says 1,000 words – Share videos from YouTube and Flickr, or view your photos direct from Flickr or Picasa.
  • Find it faster – Additional integration between your inbox and search makes finding emails (even old ones) significantly faster).

Want to try it yourself – get in on the new Y! webmail beta here.

p.s. I just can’t get over the feeling I’ve seen this UI design somewhere before though…