Well last week things were kind of quite here, mainly because I was away in Sunny Florida attending the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) Conferance.  

Due to posting bans on the discussions around MAAWG I can’t discuss the event, but I can tell you is that if your an ISP or and ESP and your not members your missing out on a number of things, including; 
  • A great line up of speakers, topics and working sessions
  • Networking events that provide valuable face to face time with people you really do need to know
  • A great overall experience with your peers; sharing and learning from others.
  • and access to past event information.
Dennis provides a highlight of one idea sharred durring the latest sender sessions – are you S.O.B.A.D?
MAAWG runs only one general session a year and you need an invatation to get in to non-menber events, so what are you waiting for…