Building a successful email marketing program is something that is key in the online world but knowing what to measure and how to use those measurements is what will drive your campaigns to the levels of success that every marketer desires.

How much data do you need?

Asking for profile information is one of the key things that you should be looking for, managing and leveraging it correctly are your next task. If your are asking for a postal address of your subscribers, think about what you can do with it? Special offers based on city or or local store to the customer. But think before asking for this information; If your not going to be running promotions like this do you really need this information?

How well do you know your data?

Understanding clicks, opens, bounces purchase history and user complaints is one of the most important things in the world of email marketing. Looking at all of these factors will help marketers understand several key things about their marketing programs and the measurements of success.

How well do you use what you know?

Many marketers have taken to highly personalized communications with their subscriber base. This is a key foundation of building a successful program. Each offer has to feel like it was specially generated and thought about “just for me”, your consumer.

Real life Example of mis-targeting [names have been changed to protect the marketer responsible]:

As a loyal consumer of [major pet food] company I decided to subscribe to their special offers for my dog, at registration time I answered several questions like the sex of my pet (male), breed and that he had been neutered (Bob Barker would be proud). After several months of highly customized newsletters relating to the health benefits of the food I was feeding my dog, how it was helping them and the special discounts I was eligible for as a loyal reader. I received a message that could not be further from my profile. The advertisement was customized with my dog name and breed, it went on to explaining how I should take care to feed my dog a special diet during his pregnancy… you’ll recall I gave the preferences of a male, Golden Retriever that was neutered earlier… When I notified [major pet food]’s marketing people about a possible problem with their customization and that it was mis-targeted to me and possibly others, I was told “We sent the same message to everyone regardless of their preferences. You were meant to get that message“.

Net result of exchange:

I am now a happy and loyal customer of [major pet food]’s competitor, happily receiving highly customized targeted adds that listen and respect my preferences for my lifestyle and my dog. I also share this story with others when they ask my opinion on the products from said pet food supplier.


Use the data you have, you asked for it for a reason, and respect the wishes of your consumers/subscribers and you will build long lasting beneficial and mutual relationship…

It only takes one bad experience to lose a loyal customer.

How well do you listen to your consumer?