Thinking of expanding your current email offering with an additional daily email? Maybe something closely related to your current email program, but not something that everyone will want daily? Then take a quick look at the following invitation from Beyond the Rack where a new (a second) daily email is being promoted offering home decorating solutions to existing subscribers (Typical existing deals include accessories, clothing and electronics).

Wins for this announcement:

  • Clear notice on the timing and frequency of offers
  • Clear and easy to understand calls to action on how to participate in both the new email program or just the old one
  • A full sample of the new program, sent at or around the time you would typically receive the newsletter.

Misses for this announcement:

  • No indication of what happens to passive recipient, will they be opt-ed in to new program or just stay active with their existing subscription?

We are interested in hearing your thoughts on this process. Would you try something like this?

The more I think about it the more I think this might actually be a good strategy for Barnes & Noble to employ with the Borders email data, read more over at ClickZ: Does $14 Million Worth of Email Addresses Cross the Privacy Line?