Recently I have noticed that a number of retailers are adding the function to post a message to social networks directly into their email communications… This is great, but the question is “How social is your message, really?”

From the examples I have see it appears that social network are being used to make normal every day messages, viral. Simply posting a link on Facebook or to a twitter account to the online version of the message. That is not very social and might actually aggravate more people then benefit.
With this in mind here are three ideas on making better use of Social Networks in email:
  1. Make the relevant sections work with social media not the entire message. Personally I’m more likely to share one item then your entire email.
  2. Be where you ask people to share. If you link to Twitter – make sure you have an account there and someone that can monitor and is empowered to take action. (example: @ComcastCares)
  3. Have your customers join you and stay active. The Social Brand Index has an extensive list of Brands on twitter… Is your company listed?
Stop just being part of the network and start using Social Networks as they are meant to be used – to form a dialog with your subscribers and members. Talk to them don’t just broadcast, that is so 2002.
To prove we walk the walk find here: