Today in MediaPost’s Email Insider Loren brings us four ideas on how to raise the bar for commercial email businesses and how to separate yourself from the grey mailers that know what the best practises are but are unwilling to or are afraid to change their practises to keep up.

How Do We Reach The Non-Listeners?
by Loren McDonald, Wednesday, Aug 15, 2007 12:00 PM ET

Loren discusses these fours ideas:

  • Get your own house in order – The idea being: If you lead they will follow
  • Reach out to others – Think of the broader audience and how to reach them, think of the next generation of email marketers, teach these Best Practises to them before they graduate.
  • Fire the recalcitrant client – Those that don’t keep up get left behind… Get rid of those that lag behind or refuse to change, it’s simple survival of the fittest. Protect your brand first and your other clients will appreciate it.
  • Keep the door open – Help those that need it when they are ready. People and business are not lost, they can be reformed and taught the way.

Some really great ideas and some food for thought.