Well 2009 is officially here – Happy New Year to you all and thanks for sticking around over the break.

Just a quick post to start of the year with a few things I noticed over the holiday’s regarding email trends:

  1. Lots of discounted offers and free shipping this year,
  2. Good use of “# of days left for shipping/shopping online”,
  3. Some retailers really revved up their email volume the last 5 weeks before the holiday only to go back to their regular mailing practices after Boxing Day,
  4. and Heavy promotion of Online redeemable Gift Cards – Environmentally Friendly and great for last minute purchases – especially if you can send them direct to a friend.

But I think the best tips I received this year came after shipping deadlines were passed and Boxing Day shipping had yet to enter my mind – on December 23… Best Buy and Future Shop – they are actually the same company just different brands – sent out tips for getting the most out of your online boxing day shopping. These tips included:

  • Login now to verify your shipping information is correct
  • Make sure your credit card if up to date and on file for easy shopping
  • Setup Verified by Visa – if your a visa member – in advance and while Visa Support is still working and not swamped
  • Get setup with our rewards program (Best Buy only) so your purchase are qualified in the program.
  • and lastly a reminder that Boxing Day shopping actually started on the evening of Dec 24th, two full days early but only online.

Kudos to the Best Buy/Future Shop team for another great example of relationship building vs. a pure last minute “Sell” to members.