Proving once again that staying in Beta is better then going live, Gmail continues to roll out new features and remove other already launched features.

After logging in to my account this morning I was greeted with a few new things:

  • New button line up.  Making the Archive button more prominent, and keeping it visible after searching through your inbox and archive – Big props for this one as it was a minor point of irritation
  • Great use of drop down boxes with options you would already be familiar within your desktop email clients; Move to, Labels (also acts as a folder manager) and More actions – previously all these options were in one drop down are now separate and easier to read and use.
  • Clear and easy to see separation of the Delete and Report Spam buttons. This is something other ISPs (cough… hotmail cough…) could take a lesson on.

Great new changes making the users experience easier and the interface that much easier to use.