Gmail’s official blog reciently posted a “Thanks for all the spam reports” to users for using the Report spam, and not Spam buttons. Here are their reasons you should be using these buttons:

Reason #1: It gets the spam out of your Inbox and keeps what is truly spam separate from any non-spam messages you just want to delete.

Reason #2: When our automated system sees a lot of people marking a particular email as spam, it starts blocking similar emails pretty quickly.

Reason #3: When a spammer figures out how to bypass our system, lots of spam reports start flowing in, and we see that pretty much immediately. We react as quickly as we can to these events, developing and testing new code.

Tools like the “Report Spam” button were created by ISPs as a form for consumers to help them determine the difference between legitimate email and spam. This voting mechanism allows for the consumer to express to their provider the types of email that they consider to be spam, ISPs listen to these users (when there are enough of them) and block mail according to the expressed interest of their members. Sending relevant and recognizable to your subscribers may just prevent misappropriate spam reports from happening to your newsletter.