It’s been noted several times in the last few days that legitimate email marketers need to take a stand and hold the banner high on doing the right things… and then you get an email like this…

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This is the problem that, as an industry, needs to be addressed – Legitimate websites randomly mailing to un-expecting and uninterested parties with a message of “We don’t care about you… we are just going to start sending you mail – if you don’t want it, tell us otherwise or your going to continue getting these messages“.

Why would I unsubscribe when the idea of “This is spam” is so much more gratifying and in this case – so visibly apparent. Remember this is how your clients think.

If these are similar to your current practices I highly recommend you review them right now and get in line, or as Mickey says “Do you want to fund the lawsuit?“. C-27 is coming and these practices are in a direct violation of the bill.


    Legitimate Marketers it’s time to “Stand up and Take back your industry”. Do something to prove you’re “Doing the Right thing” and stop with the lip service. Please FIX your practices now.