I was talking with Jeff today about his latest project, The Email Guide. A directory service for Email Marketing organizations – everything from ESPs, to agencies to Industry related blogs can be found. In fact Jeff and his team have been hard at work and many sites are already pre-populated and just waiting to be claimed. While we were talking I surfed on over and was able to claim EmailKarma.net as my own in a matter of minutes. I suggest you do the same…

What’s that? Your not listed… Don’t be offended listings are free and take only a minute or two longer to setup. They are not snubbing you – just building the list as they go.

After our call Jeff sent me a short description of the service…

From: The Chief Email Officer @ The Email Guide

When I started to build The Email Guide I asked myself, what should our value proposition be? Based on my 10 years of experience in the email industry, I knew that businesses continued to face extremely confusing choices between technology platforms and service providers while vendors were finding the arena to be noisy, competitive and driven by commoditized CPM rates.

I wanted to help by bringing some clarity and cohesiveness to the Interweb and blogosphere and help marketers understand the multitude of different services that were offered. I also wanted to offer service providers a place where they could attract qualified traffic and differentiate their products and services.

My hope is that you will find what you’re looking for and take part in this exciting project.

The Email Guide – More Finding – Less Searching.
Built for email marketers and service providers

All new listings receive the Showcase listing level at no charge for 3 months for trying out The Email Guide.