Month three regarding the measurement and progression of email authentication.

Spam is running at 7031 (96% of inbound*) messages in the last 30 days comparing to 229 ham messages.

The percent of spam passing authentication tests is now at 1.5%, with 16.7% failing. Leaving 81.9 % as a neutral source.

Comparing the ham ratio of 38% neutral and 62% passing (50% in August, 57% in Sep/Oct) authentication tests.

Remember the holidays are coming – and you still have time to ensure that all of your email is authenticated. Don’t forget your corporate email should also be authenticated. This will help your inbox placement and to protect your brand.

See the previous results: Month 1 and Month 2

Green flag = Passing authentication response
Yellow flag = Neutral authentication response
Red flag = Failing authentication response

* One complete month of spam used as a sample, prior tests used only 2 weeks of data. Complete monthly data will be used going forward.