From time to time it amazes me how people can miss simple things in their email programs. Everything from a typo in a name (I know you’ve done it – I have), and forgetting to hyperlink an important URL or image…

How about your footer and unsubscribe link – it’s the same every week, in every message, it’s part of your template right? – How can you get it wrong one day?

MediaPost did, as common source of information for many marketers and a great resource managed to do this today with their reminder promotion for the “Media Magazines’ Agency of the Year 2007” promotion. Hopefully they catch this and be able to fix it for their next mailings.

Can you spot the error in their footer? (Hint: it’s not the [Emailaddress]. I removed my address from the URL example to prevent false unsubs)

If you would like to unsubscribe from this type of email follow the link below:[EMAILADDRESS]&end;
MediaPost Communications 1140 Broadway, 4th floor, New York, NY 10001

Did you catch it?
It’s their domain name which is directed to another completely different site (possibly even a cybersquater cashing in on typos like this). There Unsubscribe rates will be effected by this and possibly a few extra complaints will be added to this messages from ISPs like AOL and hotmail as users will not able to unsubscribe.

I would also recommend a review of SpamResource’s posting: Gmail’s Taking Care of Me, regarding the sending of non-relevant or extra messages to your subscribers (hint hint).