The blocklist DNSBL.NET.AU will be shutting down very shortly, please review your spam filters to prevent a disruption of services.

A warning from the DNSBL.NET.AU:

Please note that as of Wednesday, April 1, 2009 the DNSBL.NET.AU blacklist will cease to exist. Prior to this date, please ensure that all MTA’s that are utilising the DNSBL blacklists are reconfigured to no longer point to these servers.

What happens to your email system, after our protection system firewalls your querying server is COMPLETELY BEYOND OUR CONTROL!!!! Email systems relying upon a timely response to DNS queries to may timeout, delay email, or even prevent email delivery entirely. Please, if you do not understand this warning, cease using services immediately, and consult your local technical support people.

Note the domain AU – Australia – and account for the time zone difference of UTC +8, +9 and +10 in comparison to Eastern Standard is UTC -5.

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Photo Credit: DNSBL.NET.AU