Are you monitoring your competitors?

No, while the Email Data Source team is, and your competitors might just be watching you. Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a live demo of the Email Analyst product from Bill McCloskey, President and CEO.

What is Email Data Source you ask?

Email Data Source is a marketing intelligence company focused on monitoring the email campaigns of ten’s of thousands of companies and providing email competitive intelligence.

What do they do?

Bill explained that Email Analyst is currently monitoring over; 36,000 companies, 400 thousand email lists and is receiving a whopping 150 thousand messages each month, with a growth rate that is doubling year over year.

What does the tool do?

The Email Analyst tool is being used by online marketers to track:

  • The number of messages being sent by specific mailers each day per day and the sites Alexa trending data changes in correlation to these messages
  • The original graphics and links still enabled allowing you to review messages and data from years past.
  • Search past mailings based on keyword in the content or the messages Subject for your own brand or that of your competitors, allowing patterns and trends to be identified
  • Compare your offers year over year
  • Monitor and track you affiliates and how there mail effects your own program
  • Monitoring links and content for errors or dead links in your messages

Early data exists from as far back as 2003 for some mailers and the list continues to grow each month. This is something to look into for your future projects and as a tool to monitor your creative and the direct web impact directed from each of your campaigns.

Click here to view the interactive demo of Email Analyst.