Found this website kinda of randomly, while researching some PIPEDA information… It talks about several Key factors for marketers when looking to market to Canadians – a report published by Marketing Sherpa.

Some of the tips are very funny; our strong relationship with hockey is mentioned a few times, and the “Looooong” winters – LOL – that we have here and the “Short” summers… Some times I love when things like this are produced and published – makes me smile and wonder where some of these thoughts truly come from.

Any way the key point I have issue with seems to be the idea that PIPEDA and CAN-SPAM are two related law… Guess what – THEY ARE NOTHING ALIKE…

Here are my comments posted to them, in case they decided to moderate them 😉

PIPEDA and CAN-SPAM are about as similar as apples and oranges… CAN-SPAM is a marketing law dealing with the rules, regulations and structures to have a “legal” online marketing program.

PIPEDA is a “PRIVACY” law, and has nothing to do with email marketing or spam… It has everything to do with how you can collect, use, store and maintain Personal information on a Canadian buyer. There are 10 fundamental principles that you need to follow – find them here.

For a Canadian comparison to CAN-SPAM you need to look at Senate Bill – s235 (The Spam Act).

Also for businesses I’d recommend reading the PIPEDA Checklist prepared by 4 leading Canadian Privacy Practitioners: