There have been a lot of moving parts over the last several weeks with planning and updating your email programs in preparation of CASL’s enforcement date looming just a couple of months away at this point. I planned week 9 to be a check in week for the CASL countdown, make sure your plans are on track and that your teams continue to build towards a CASL compliant process for your business. At this point, for those following along, the majority of the planning, reviewing and auditing should be underway, and hopefully the easily identified pieces are already being upgraded and scheduled for upgrade/replacement.

Take the time to check in and see that email, web, form and social templates are being updated to make sure the prescribed information is being included and properly displayed to prospective subscribers and customers. Are these on track, when will they be ready – Don’t wait until the last week to roll out these changes. Be sure to give your team time to confirm these processes are working properly and the updates are being recorded in your new database fields.

Items to review for Week 9:

  • Opt-in (voice, print and digital): Review completed, changes scoped and new forms are being created, scripts updated and in testing with call center and point of sale staff.
  • Message Template creatives: Review completed, changes scoped and new forms are being created.
  • Subscription Management: Data flows mapped in DB to make sure unsubscribes are being managed with as little delay as possible (and certainly within 10 business days), building/testing data flow models, Database changes are properly aligned with opt-in/opt-out process flows and audit data.
  • Terms and Conditions: Under review to be updated by marketing, technology, privacy and legal teams.