Only 4 more weeks until CASL is here so lets start reviewing and testing new processes and data flows… It is now time to go back and review the updates and changes you have applied over the past several weeks. Make sure that all of your web and email templates have been updated and that a plan for implementation is in place. Also be sure to test your automated email programs to ensure they are working properly and CASL compliant.

Take the time to start reviewing your verbal consent scripts and rolling these out to your store level staff and call centers. Be sure that the prescribe information is available and that you have thought of ways of auditing these sources to keep them on track. It will no longer be acceptable to simply say “Would you like an eReceipt?” and use that as consent to send CEM’s.

Start working with your deployment teams to review these new process changes and work to identify efficiencies that can help improve workflow and production changes. This should be your goal over the next 4 weeks, finding efficiencies in your new data management and collection processes.

Other items to continue to check and review:

  • Ensure all template changes are completed and old forms are removed from circulation
  • Ensure all required notices are updated (i.e. Privacy Policy, Unsubscribe Statement, etc.)
  • Test welcome programs and data collection forms are properly collecting information
  • Test preference centers and data synchronization processes are functioning as expected