As our Neighbours to the south prepare for their Thanksgiving weekend, retailers around the United States are gearing up for “Black Friday“and “Cyber Monday” as the kick off of Holiday shopping.

What are you doing to prepare?

Here are some ideas:

  • Segmentation; A/B split testing, subject lines, and targeted offers based on client loyalty – try different offers for a Friday segment vs. a Monday segments.
  • Coupons for user that register at Point of Sale (make them want to come back again and grow your list while your at it)
  • Take care of your customer and their friends
  • Personalize your user experience based on their preferences and past interactions
  • Never forget your upsell or product recomendations – Tigerdirect does a great job of this when reviewing your shopping cart with a “May we recomend the following items…” by providing three relevent and complementary products.

Have any other ideas on how to be prepared? Email them to contact or leave us a comment.