OK OK – I don’t usually post work stuff here but when I do it’s usually because I’m really excited about it, and this post is no different. I’m excited to announce the launch of TC Media Connections our new newsletter that will be covering hot topics affecting you at work, life & play!

Want to know know what else makes this an exciting announcement, at least for me, I’m featured in Edition #1 where we are covering Privacy in the work place, at home and while you are having fun… Also there will be an announcement for a Webinar hosted by Yours Truly, scheduled for the end of the month – so if you want to participate you’ll have to subscribe.

Act now as this first edition is scheduled to be published NEXT week – so don’t delay on subscribing (and clicking the confirm links – Confirmed Opt-in FTW).

What are you waiting for… Go subscribe to TC Media Connections now so you don’t miss out.