Al Diguido, formerly of Epsilon Interactive, wrote an article today in ClickZ that has the Email Experience Council’s (EEC) hackles up.

Don’t get me wrong the EEC has a number of good qualities and programs running, but a call to action over something written by Al is not necessarily needed. It almost feels like a scene from Frankenstein, you know the one where the villagers are after Frankenstein’s monster with pitchforks and torches.

Al comments “Seems the EEC is working on guidelines around e-mail list growth, deliverability, rendering and enhancing user experiences. I would have hoped by now — fully 7 years since I got started in the e-mail communications business — the conversation and insights we’d be discussing would have gone well beyond guidelines on around issues such as e-mail list growth.

The biggest issue here is that there are still marketers and email senders out there that just DON’T GET IT… That is why these issues are still around, also the sheer number of best practises for each of the topics need to be formalized across the industry – the EEC is stepping in here… Last time I checked things like “e-mail list growth, deliverability, rendering and enhancing user experiences” were still very high on the importance list for most marketers.

Al also mentions the formation of the “EROI Council”, focusing on helping marketers drive incremental sales and profits for their companies.

I hope the eROI (tm) is ok with this name 😉