It looks as though the FeedBack Loop program for BlueTie has been launched by Return Path.

If you remember back, BlueTie was originally discussed here, when (including MyWay and Iwon brands) migrated all there clients over to BlueTie for hosted Email.

Here is the subscription form for the latest:

Sources say this FBL is only for the Excite brand domains and not all of BlueTie’s Customers.

UPDATE 11:43 am – People are now reporting that the page has been taken down?? Replaced with “It Works!”. Maybe a premature launch found by only a few people. I’ll update again when I get more information.

Update 12:34 pm – Received this update from Return Path regarding the BlueTie FBL.

“The site won’t be available for anyone to sign up for another few weeks. BlueTie will make the announcement when they’re ready, and we’ll post something shortly after.”

Stay tuned for the official announcement.