Reported Password Leak at Linkedin

Today there have been several announcements in the Social Media world regarding a significant Data Breach at Linkedin. 6.5 Million users names and Passwords (encrypted) have been accessed illegally from the Linkedin System and Posted publicly on a Russian Hacker Website. Source NextWeb: Bad day for LinkedIn: 6.5 million hashed passwords reportedly leaked – change yours now

It is highly recommended that if you have a Linkedin account you login and change the password at your earliest convenience.

Here are some tips for making Strong passwords:

    1 – Make your password include a variation of Capital letters, numbers and special characters (!, @, $ etc…)
    2 – Longer passwords are harder to guess – use a minimum of 10 characters
    3 – Make it easy to remember but hard to guess – avoid anniversaries, birthdates and the name of your pet/family members
    4 – Think of a short phrase instead of one word – ex: I love Peanut Butter could become : 1L0v3Pe@nutBu773R
    5 – Avoid using common passwords like; password, 123456

This is also another great opportunity to remind you that you should never use the same password across multiple sites, something I think many of us are guilty of. I know I was guilty of this but I looked around and found that LASTPASS was a great option for me – it allows you to store passwords in an encrypted location and access them from any mobile or PC/MAC. It also helps you create strong and secure passwords for any site your create a new account with the Password Generator tool (watch this video to see how it works).

On a side note I would also recommended that you change your linked in Settings to hide your contacts from casual viewers – It’s a privacy thing (for you and your contacts) and can help prevent social engineering due to impersonation of a connection – here is how you make that change:

Settings > Profile > Select who can see your connections > Select “Only you”

Author: Matt V - @emailkarma

Matthew Vernhout is a digital messaging industry veteran and Certified International Privacy Professional (Canada) (CIPP/C) with nearly two decades of experience in email marketing. Matthew is 250ok’s Director of Privacy, and he is currently the Vice Chair of the eec, after serving for several years as the Chair of their Advocacy Subcommittee. Matthew was recognized as the 2019 eec thought-leader of the year.

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