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Matthew Vernhout is a digital messaging industry veteran and Certified International Privacy Professional (Canada) (CIPP/C) with nearly two decades of experience in email marketing. Matthew is 250ok’s Director of Privacy, and he is currently the Vice Chair of the eec, after serving for several years as the Chair of their Advocacy Subcommittee. Matthew was recognized as the 2019 eec thought-leader of the year.

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  1. Heh. Too funny.

    Guess Yahoo’s not actually putting Goodmail users in the inbox after all…

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  2. you are not tim?

    dj at bronto

    (nothing like twitter for “real time” updates)

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  3. Goodmail certified spam in a yahoo bulk folder, not sure that is actually wrong.

    Trick question Matt, you cheated.

    GM’s response will end up being that certified email doesn’t overwrite user preferences, or some excuse like that.

    But I too have received recent GM Cert emails I actually did subscribe to in my Yahoo bulk folder.

    Problem most likely on Yahoo’s end.

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  4. @Justin you got it right. Bragging rights are yours.

    @DJ – Tim actually sent it to me… so that is one thing LOL.

    For the record –
    GoodMail’s website states:

    “CertifiedEmail is routed automatically to the inbox, past content and volume filters. You get 100% of your email delivered.”

    They might want to get this looked at because something has gone wrong here…

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  5. @Matt –

    You’re killing me. Any points for creativity?

    On a more relevant note, this statement by GM…

    “You get 100% of your email delivered.”

    …sends chills up my spine. 100%? Come on. Anyone else bothered by that?

    dj at bronto

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  6. Actually, whats wrong with this picture is that Tim only got one spam email.

    I don’t know classmates well, but the degree of personalization seems pretty cool; inserting the number of new profile views in the subject line.

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  7. It is quit possible to be a temp yahoo problem. Lately I have notice that yahoo had some problems checking also sender DNS area…marking some valid DKIM signatures as “bad sig”

    Also here could be the case when the IP was being checked against this mailing with GM and it was temp unable to verify the IP so the Yahoo was unable to validate as correct cert email

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