Yahoo! Reaches out to Senders

On Yahoo’s Mail blog you will find a notice for bulk senders, ISPs, and commercial emailers, describing the delays and steps that need to be reviewed when reaching out to the Postmaster team in order to help with issues your experiencing.

Key items from this posting:

  • The Correct form is accessible from the Postmaster section in Yahoo! Mail Help ( site.
  • Follow-up inquiries from senders delay things even more as they create additional queue items.
  • Be careful when you fill out the form, double check for completeness and accurately. This prevents a lengthy back and forth dialog that delays your progress.

Read the full article: Delays responding to Postmaster requests

Author: Matt V - @emailkarma

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  1. All of those points have been true for years; they weren’t hidden, they weren’t secrets, it didn’t ever require some mythical secret batphone number to get these answers.

    The only difference is that now there are a lot of blogs like this one, which can help to spread the information.

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  2. J.D. Your exactly right…

    I’m very impressed with Yahoo’s mail team and the openness that they have been showing through the Mail blog and their interactions with other groups, like the email standards project.

    Many others could learn a few things from these types of examples.

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