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Matthew Vernhout, CIPP/C (Founder)

There are participants and there are spectators in this world and Matthew Vernhout is most certainly in the former of those two classifications. Not only is he a respected thought leader and authority on email deliverability, but he has also driven initiatives in Canada to protect people’s privacy and reduce spam.

Matthew’s not a philosopher. Matthew is a rugged town marshal holding the line against lawlessness on the virtual frontier. He’s a committed advocate for privacy and industry best practices. He maintains a balance by also working tirelessly to help clients improve their deliverability. The sheriff is in town and he’s ready to stand and deliver.

Let’s face it, he’s got a pretty unique skill set an that’s why he works closely with the world’s most influential ISPs translating their demands into ways that help Marketing VPs, Marketing Directors and Marketing Managers take immediate action and implement effective processes.

Matthew shares his practical know-how by contributing to several online and offline publications providing insights on the interplay between deliverability and marketing.

Matthew is a sought after contributor and speaker. He blogs for a number of sites such as:

Co-Authored: A Complete Guide to e-Marketing under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation – http://bit.ly/NWc8iT

Matthew has written for these sites in the past:

  • COTERC.org
  • TheEmailGuide.com
  • OneDegree.ca

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