What would you do?

Recently on the Email Marketers Club the question was raised;

“My provider had a major issue, where another client’s content was sent to my list, causing a number of my subscribers to get angry and unsubscribe from theme email lists. Should I find a new Service Provider?”

So far the responses have ranged of – get out now and fast – to send your lawyers in – to everyone makes a mistake it’s how you recover from the mistake that matters

What’s your take on this? Does everyone deserve a second chance or should the current provider get left in the dust?

Author: Matt V - @emailkarma

Matthew Vernhout is a digital messaging industry veteran and Certified International Privacy Professional (Canada) (CIPP/C) with nearly two decades of experience in email marketing. Matthew is 250ok’s Director of Privacy, and he is currently the Vice Chair of the eec, after serving for several years as the Chair of their Advocacy Subcommittee. Matthew was recognized as the 2019 eec thought-leader of the year.

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  1. To my mind, even having the ability for content from one customers to be sent to the subscribers of another customer sounds like extremely bad database design. A correctly engineered system should not be able to mix content, no matter what is going wrong.

    Mistakes and problems do happen, anyone who has been in business for more than 3 months knows that. In this case it was not only a customer facing problems, but it made the customer look bad to their customers. They may be able to keep my business, but it is unlikely.

    I would probably take my lists and my contacts and move somewhere else. There are probably circumstances that would make me change my mind, but the company would have to have a really good, detailed explanation for what happened and what they have done to insure this will never happen again.

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  2. I’ve got to agree here. There shouldn’t be a way for this to happen. If there is you’re running a Mickey Mouse operation and shouldn’t be in charge of others mail. I’d jump ship.

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